Lecturer from Istanbul Bilgi University receives RIBA International Award

Murat Tabanlıoğlu, lecturer in BILGI's Architectural Design Graduate Program, recognized by the Royal Institute of British Architects


Lecturer from Istanbul Bilgi University receives RIBA International Award

Since 2005, the RIBA International Awards have recognized excellence in architectural work being done by RIBA members around the world.  These awards are granted for buildings and projects completed outside the EU by RIBA Chartered Architects and RIBA International Fellows.

On May 19, 2011, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) recognized 13 buildings and projects with RIBA International Awards for architectural excellence. From Foster + Partner’s futuristic Masdar Institute to Zaha Hadid’s curvaceous Guangzhou Opera House, the awards recognize a star-studded cast of imaginative and breathtaking buildings. This year, Loft Gardens (Istanbul, Turkey) a project from Tabanlıoğlu Architects was included among the 13 winners of the International Awards.

According to the International Judges (Bob Allies, Gianni Botsford, Alison Brooks, Tony Chapman, Peter Clegg, Paul Finch, Murray Fraser, Philip Gumuchdjian, Deborah Saunt, Bill Taylor, Cindy Walters), Loft Gardens was included on this short list of leading architectural projects because:            

“The 21 storey residential building takes the Miesian tower model and subtly humanizes it by manipulating its pure shape into a modulating inhabited form. High-rise garden patios are then inserted into the façade as a counterpoint to the protruding bay windows and deepen the play of solid and void within the façade.  Plan and section are organized to create a range of apartment types of great spatial variety, some horizontal based around patios, others vertical around double-height spaces. Internally the designers display an unabashed passion for the aesthetic of the industrial loft with their exposed services and structure and with their use of concrete, steel and timber.  The Loft Gardens are an extreme demonstration of elegance and restraint within a subtly modified typology.”

The RIBA International Awards are presented to architectural practices based outside the UK building anywhere outside the UK; or for practices based in Britain and working outside the EU.