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Istanbul Bilgi University wins at Mixx Awards

Student team wins first place in brand awareness and positioning


Istanbul Bilgi University wins at Mixx Awards

İstanbul Bilgi University came in first in the brand awareness and positioning category at Mixx (Marketing Intelligence and Excellence) Awards Turkey. This competition is organized to support the best digital ideas of the year and BILGI became the first education institution to receive this award in Turkey.

The student team from İstanbul Bilgi University received the Golden Mixx Award for the “Real BILGI-Goer” project. The project, which became a successful example of interactive communication, was realized in cooperation with İstanbul Bilgi University’s Music Department and BİLGİ’s Glee Club students. The BILGI music department carried out the process of vocalizing and recording while students participated in the project with their choreography and vocals.

BILGI was awarded with the Golden Mixx grand prize at Mixx Awards, organized to honor the teams and talent that push interactive digital advertising to new levels. The team competed with twenty other teams.

The Mixx Awards, which included Ahmet Pura (Chairman of the Board of IAB Turkey) and Alain Heureux (President of IAB Europe) among its jurors, intends to help support the production of creative work in the interactive field, develop brand performance and raise the standards of creativity.    

The award winning video, with English subtitles, can been seen at: