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“One Day on Earth” screening a great success at Istanbul Bilgi University

Global phenomenon shared at Istanbul Bilgi University’s Santral Campus


“One Day on Earth” screening a great success at Istanbul Bilgi University

On April 22, Istanbul Bilgi University hosted the first screening in Turkey of the global movie called “One Day on Earth” during the Youth and Earth Festival.One Day on Earth” contains video and pictures shot and recorded in every country around our planet during one single day. The screening was organized with communication sponsorship from FOX Turkey and contributions from Eyup Municipality. With the support of the United Nations Development Program, the screening of the movie occurred simultaneously in 160 countries around the world.

 “One Day on Earth” was created from the recordings and pictures sent by 18,000 participants on one day, November 11, 2011 and builds off the first very successful “One Day on Earth”, which was based on events from October 10, 2010. The video was edited together by the creator and director of this initiative, Kyle Ruddick, with music made by well-known global musicians. The 2011 movie includes frames from people living in countries around the world like Turkey, Argentina, Bangladesh, Israel, Russia, and Japan. The movie shows how connected the people of our planet are and that around the world billions of personal stories are unfolding around us every day. “One Day on Earth” aims to bring together the people of our planet, with our sorrows and joys, as we confront shared global challenges and hope for a better future.