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One Day on Earth 2011 to premier in Turkey at Istanbul Bilgi University

BILGI invites all to come to their Santral Campus for this special event on April 22, 2012


One Day on Earth 2011 to premier in Turkey at Istanbul Bilgi University

“One Day on Earth” is a documentary of people from around the world who for one select day simultaneously film their lives over a 24-hour period, which is then edited together to document the diversity and common bonds of humanity. “One Day on Earth” was conceived and organized by Kyle Ruddick. October 10, 2010 was selected to be the first “One Day on Earth” and after it was announced the call kept growing and growing with the assistance of the United Nations' Development Program and more than 60 other global partners to get people interested in participating. On 10/10/2010 people from around the world shared more than 3,000 hours of video with the “One Day on Earth” platform. Instances of life from every single corner of the planet, from a wedding on that specific day, to a birth, and a concert and an event, kept coming.

The second “One Day on Earth” took place on November 11, 2011 and, like 2010, thousands of hours of visual material were recorded and contributed from people in Argentina, Bangladesh, Israel, Japan, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, and Russia who wrote, taped and shared their story from 11/11/2011. The tremendous variety of the stories of tragedy, happiness, victory and distress on every corner of the planet on the very same day were brought together in this extraordinary production.

The worldwide premiere of "One Day on Earth" is scheduled for Earth Day, April 22, 2012. The debut in Turkey will take place at the Santral Campus of Istanbul Bilgi University with the sponsorship of the United Nations Development Program and the support of the Eyup Municipality. All are welcome to attend this exciting event and join in the Earth Day activities. Various non-governmental organizations will attend the event and will meet with young participants during concerts and the picnic site throughout the day.

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