Bilgi students win 5 awards at the "Young Communicators on the Path to EU Competition"


Bilgi students win competition

In April 2011, the Secretariat General for EU Affairs hosted the Young Communicators on the Path to EU Competition. The aim of the competition was to educate the public in Turkey and the European Union on the value of Turkey’s integration into the European Union. This was the first time this competition was held and it benefitted greatly from the creativity of young communicators.

Representatives from 24 universities and 5 vocational schools from Istanbul participated in the competition, contributing 864 works in the fields of short film, radio spots or reports; open air advertisements and slogans, which delivered the message that "the European Union would be incomplete without Turkey."

The competition was a huge success for students from Istanbul Bilgi University, as they ranked first in several categories leaving behind hundreds of other student projects. Some of the winners included:

  • The winners in the Slogan category are Ceren Bettemir, Basak Karaman and Gizem Yücelen from Istanbul Bilgi University with their slogan "Bu Degisim Hepimize IYI GELECEK (This change will be good for all of us)".
  • The winners in the Television category were Hazar Deniz Aksayli, Hakan Güzey, Ahmet Alper Baskan and Açelya Köse from Istanbul Bilgi University with "Hayatimiz Alaturka, Standardi Avrupa (Our Lifestyle is Turkish but its Standard is European)". The project consisted of three short films underlining the EU standards from different fields, presented in an entertaining storyline.
  • The winners in the Radio category were Ali Kaan Kiliç, Emel Gamze Sargin, Asena Kiliç and Beril Dedeoglu from Istanbul Bilgi University with their jingle project "Avrupa’da (In Europe)". The project consisted of two different jingles touching on the positive contributions of EU membership to our everyday life.
  • The winners in the Printed Materials and Outdoor Advertising Category were Ari Alp Koen and Burak Muammer Önder from Istanbul Bilgi University with their project "Revive the European Union".