Universidad Europea Opens its Newest Campus in Madrid


Universidad Europea opens its newest campus in Madrid

Universidad Europea opened its newest campus in Alcobendas in the community of Madrid. Ignacio González, president of the community of Madrid; Ignacio García de Vinuesa, the mayor of Alcobendas, and Lucía Figar, councillor for education, youth and sports from the community of Madrid participated in the opening ceremony.

President González spoke about the government’s commitment to education as a way to support and promote social development and mobility. He also addressed the need to push beyond the old talk of differences between public and private, calling for “more collaboration between different types of institutions to support quality and excellence in the educational process.” 

Mayor García de Vinuesa expressed great satisfaction that the university selected Alcobendas as the site for its newest campus and the opportunities the new campus will create for the region and for the university. With a population of approximately 110,000 people, Alcobendas has experienced rapid growth during the last half of the twentieth century, due in part to its proximity to central Madrid. The city is home to nearly 14,000 companies, 500 of which are multi-national.

Universidad Europea's innovative educational model is built into the academic programs at the new campus, with a focus on creating connections between the university, employers and entrepreneurs, and benefitting tens of thousands of the university’s graduates as well as the companies that employ them.

Clemente Cebrián, co-founder of e-commerce retailer El Ganso, also participated in the opening ceremony and shared his unique experiences and his company's partnership with Universidad Europea to launch HUB Emprende, an initiative that will create opportunities for entrepreneurs to work together and learn from one another. HUB Emprende is open to all students and alumni from the university as well as members of the community, regardless as to the focus of their work. 

Cebrián also shared some of the keys to entrepreneurship, “Lose the fear of failure, generate ideas that have social value, be open to feedback from peers, and most importantly work hard to carry out your dreams.” The HUB Emprende initiative will develop and support 20 projects per year and each entrepreneur will be granted six months of mentoring and support. The group plans to host a demonstration day every six months to share updates on the new businesses being created.

The new campus will deliver a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs business, law, international relations, engineering, design, architecture, communication and sport management. The campus includes 14,000 square meters of space for 54 classrooms, computer labs, a state-of-the-art library and group work areas.

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