Universidad Europea Hosts Event Focused on Spain’s Global Impact on Engineering


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Leaders from Universidad Europea hosted a special event focused on Spanish engineering at the university’s Villaviciosa de Odon campus. An expert panel discussed the role of Spanish engineering around the globe and the future prospects of its practitioners.

The meeting was attended by specialists such as Miguel Manchon, director of international development for ACS; Fadón Santiago Pérez, technical director of Ferrovial; Fernando Nicholas, international director of ADIF; Murillo Gabrielli, head of the commercial office of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Brazil; Marcelo Scocco, director of training and employment of the Chamber of Commerce in Germany; Miguel Angel Carrillo Suarez, dean of the College of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports in Madrid; Jesús Martínez Alegre, dean of the College of Engineering of Public Works in Madrid; and Miguel Gómez Navarro, director of the Polytechnic Institute of Universidad Europea.

Salvador Heras, advisor to the Office of the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transportation and Housing, at the Ministry of Development and for the Polytechnic Institute of Universidad Europea, moderated the event.

During the session, the speakers agreed on the global quality of Spanish engineering, the importance of international projects led by engineers from Spain and the increasing globalization of the sector. The panel stressed that Spanish engineers must consider two main concerns when designing projects, technical ability, in which Spain is well positioned, and project management, where universities play a key role in the work needed to train highly qualified professionals.

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