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Universidad Europea Professor Recognized with the 2013 Calderon de la Barca Theater Award

Professor Carlos Contreras earns national award for new writers for his play Rukeli


Professor Carlos Contreras receives the 'Calderón de la Barca' Theater Award for New Dramatists

The playwright, writer, novelist, poet and professor of stage management at Universidad Europea’s Professional Center, Carlos Contreras, received the 2013 Calderon de la Barca Theater Award for New Writers on September 25 for his work 'Rukeli'.

This award includes a cash prize of 10,000 Euros and is presented by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport through the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) [The Spanish National Institute of Performing Arts and Music]. The award aims to share the work of young playwrights from throughout Europe and highlight their dramatic creations through the recognition of one of their theatrical works.

The jury included Miguel Ángel Recio Crespo, general director of the INAEM; Cristina Santolaria, deputy general manager of the INAEM Theater; and INAEM members Marta Buchaca Alemany, Teresa Calo Fontán, Mariano de Paco de Moya, Garcia Morales Ortiz, Julio Salvatierra Cuenca and the winner of the last award, Carolina África Martín Pajares. Contreras' work was selected as a result of the quality of the writing and dramatic structure of the text, its innovative language and the viability of its staging. According to the jury, they selected 'Rukeli' for 'his mastery of dramatic resources, the ambition to handle a real-life character and his ability regarding the structure of the work'.

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