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Universidad Europea students present their work at MULAFEST 2013

Art and Design students participate in festival focused on urban trends


Universidad Europea students present their work at MULAFEST 2013

The Faculty of Arts and Communication at Universidad Europea wanted to be present at MULAFEST 2013, the Festival of Urban Trends, so their students could actively participate in the various activities that have been developed for this leading event organized by IFEMA.

Part of this collaboration were the flashy facilities that students created for pavilion 12 and pavilion 14: 'Pisa en Verde’, where they created several seating areas for visitors; 'Sensory Cloud', an installation where film is the true protagonist; 'the Living Jungle Vines' where green helium balloons fly at different levels; and 'in Key Rap', with music and lights. In parallel, the design team 'Formula UEM’ show car prototype vehicle was on display and will compete in the largest European university motorsport event, 'Formula Student'.

Additionally, Universidad Europea students developed and created a new design for IFEMA’s walls, which students from the Department of Design painted throughout the duration of the festival. The various creations will become a permanent part of the fairgrounds.

In the words of Javier Sanz, Area Director of Arts and Design, School of Arts and Communication, "for us it was very important that our students could be in direct contact with the future that awaits them when they leave the classroom. In Mulafest, they have the opportunity to meet top-level figures in urban art and gain the experience of knowing what it feels like to be an artist doing their work when an audience is in the room. We are proud of the good work they are doing."

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