Universidad Europea hosts second session of the "Education. Educate to Transform" forum

Reijo Laukkanen, former director of the National Board of Education of Finland, participates


Universidad Europea hosts second session of the

Universidad Europea held the second session of the "Education. Educate to Transform" forum on the Villaviciosa de Odon campus. The day included Reijo Laukkanen, former adviser to the Board of Education of Finland and member of Finlands Permanent Delegation to the OECD, who shared a study titled "Other Educational Models - Finland's experience".

In his summary, Laukkanen analyzed the keys of the Finnish education system, which is recognized worldwide for leading the results of the latest PISA reports for fairness and quality. A success, he noted, which is due to the country's ability to raise the performance level of all students through a long-term strategy, combined with more immediate local innovations, related to the needs of a society in permanent evolution: "a different conception of knowledge, functional, which emphasizes how knowledge is used to improve our lives."

The change began 45 years ago for economic, political and practical reasons, to promote the talents of professional and international competitiveness. Among the determining factors in this process, Laukkanen highlighted political consensus and collaboration with teachers to define and maintain the educational strategy over time. "In Finland we are committed to a culture of trust, in which the country believes in teachers and professors believe in government. When authorities believe in teachers, all ends well," he said.

"Education. Educate to Transform" is a series of debates organized by the Universidad Europea where professionals, students and other education specialists meet to discuss the situation in the sector, promote excellence and contribute to the progress of our society. After visits from Reijo Laukkanen and Pablo Zoido, the forum will close on April 30 with the visit of the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, the recipient of the 2010 Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities and author of the concept of "liquid modernity".

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