Three alumni from Universidad Europea recognized in the latest Goya Awards

Francisco Piquero, Jesús Espada, and Lin Chang recognized for work on “That was not me”


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Francisco Piquero, Jesús Espada and Lin Chang, alumni from UEM’s School of Arts and Communication, were part of the team that created Esteban Garcia Crespo’s short film "That was not me” (Aquél no era yo), which was recognized with the 2013 BAFTA for Best Short Fiction Spanish.

“That was not me” tells the story of Paula and Kaney, two characters - one African child and the other a Spanish woman, who may have nothing in common, but whose lives will be inevitably brought together from a shot. The film aims to show the harshness of the reality of child soldiers and what we seldom see, its aftermath. The film also pays tribute to the work and altruistic ideals of people who risk their lives to improve the lives of others.

Francisco Piquero, Jesús Espada and Lin Chang studied Communication Studies eight years ago and, from the start, had a clear focus on sound in the film industry. The result of this focus led them to start their own company, Xlr Sound Studios. The effort and good work has paid off. This year, the short film they worked on has won a coveted award beating its competitors: The wedding by Marina Sereseky, Sight by Natalia Mateo, and Voice Over by Martin Rosete. But this is not the first time this team has been recognized by Spain’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Last year they were recognized for their work on Pirate Ship, a short film directed by Fernando Trullols, which received the Goya for Best Short Fiction in 2012.

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