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Universidad Europea de Valencia receives final approval

The UEM’s Centro Adscrito, created in 2008, was recognized as Valencia’s newest university


Universidad Europea de Valencia receives final approval

UEM’s Centro Adscrito Valencia, present in the city since 2008, has been officially approved to become an independent private university: Universidad Europea de Valencia. The approval was confirmed by the Parliament of Valencia on November 28, 2012 and makes Universidad Europea de Valencia the newest university in the Valencia region.

For Universidad Europea de Madrid, this recognition reinforces its commitment to Valencia as a key region with a tremendous future. It was this strong conviction in the future of Valencia that led UEM to establish is presence in September 2008 through its affiliated center, as well as its work with the ESTEMA Business School, which delivers undergraduate and graduate degrees. In the words of José Enrique Fernández, Rector of Universidad Europea de Valencia, "the university is a bet on the value of Valencia, a private, independent institution that will bring intellectual capital and employment to the region but, with a different educational model, focused on the student, and objectives linked to skills development for the employability of our graduates. It is a model that combines the values ​​of internationalism, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and social responsibility, which are all present in our curriculum."

Universidad Europea de Valencia is a part of the Laureate International Universities network, which bases its activity on three core values: internationality, connection to the professional world and commitment to academic quality of the XXI century. Among its many objectives, the university will focus on the generation and transfer of knowledge through applied research, at the forefront of intellectual and technical development, and will become a valuable supporter of social progress in the community. The Estema Business School has over 20 years of experience and is one of the most popular institutions in Valencia among business executives.

All students of Universidad Europea de Valencia will benefit from the opportunities of belonging to the Laureate network, allowing them, among other things to develop multicultural and multilingual skills, on a campus with 35% of foreign students, exchanges between universities in the network and a faculty composed of more than 200 teachers, including renowned doctors and working professionals with strong experience in other countries. Additionally, students will engage in mandatory internships that will take place with more than 360 regional companies.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.