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Three UEM students recognized by the College of Architects of Madrid

Three of the seven best dissertations in Madrid were from UEM students


Three UEM students recognized by the College of Architects of Madrid

Three students from Universidad Europea de Madrid’s School of Architecture were recognized by the College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) for creating the best final projects in architecture from all universities in Madrid. The work of Leonor Serrano, Laura Moreno Aldekoa and Diana Santamaria won awards in the categories of Sustainability, Urbanism and Landscaping.

“Pools at high tide” (Charcos de Pleamar) is the title of Leonor Serrano’s project, which was recognized in the category of landscaping. It is an investigation into the construction of a landscape created by the movement of the tides that are protected from the action of the sea. Serrano proposes the introduction of jetties in strategic locations so the sea itself builds the landscape.

Laura Moreno Aldekoa received the award for Sustainability and Urbanism for her work titled “The Path of the Donkey” (Camino del burro), a project that proposes the construction of an Arab bath and a number of additional areas to accommodate different related businesses. Laura Moreno proposes the construction of the building use household materials because, as noted, it intends to "catch the feeling of the neighborhood."

Diana Santamaria received a Mention in the Sustainability category for her project Tetuan EKO WORKSHOP. Through a case study of Madrid’s Tetuan district, which generates 5% of the waste that ends up in the city’s streets, Santamaria raises the possibility of launching a network of centers in different districts of the capital that allow neighbors to carry objects they are not using or are damaged to be repaired, recycled and even exchanged. These spaces are to be designed as showcases and would be integrated into the environment and fulfill a recreational and educational function.

The School of Architecture at Universidad Europea de Madrid is the only center, along with Madrid’s Technical School of Architecture (ETSAM), to be recognized by the College of Architects of Madrid. COAM’s yearend project awards recognize the top seven final projects launched by students from different schools of architecture in Madrid. The award is divided into four categories: Sustainability and Urbanism, Landscaping and Innovation, Sustainability and Urban Planning.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.