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Medical students at Universidad Europea de Madrid gain new internship opportunities

UEM is the only university to provide pre-clinical internships to third year students


Medial students at Universidad Europea de Madrid gain new internship opportunities

During the first days of September, following the start of classes, Quirón, Getafe and Infanta Sofia Hospitals will welcome third-year medical students from Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) to participate in pre-clinical internships.

The announcement was made at a recent ceremony attended by Dr. Agueda Benito, Rector of Universidad Europea de Madrid; D. José Ramón Rubio, Vice President of the Quirón Hospital Group and Quirón Hospital of Madrid; Dr. D. Antonio Burgueño, General Director of Hospitals in the Community of Madrid; and D. Antonio Romero Plasencia, Director General of the Lain Entralgo Agency of the Community of Madrid.

Dr. D. Antonio Burgess addressed the students, saying "being a doctor today is a passion and a vocation that will fill your life", and then addressing the doctors that are to be their teachers said “you will become better doctors through sharing your passion and knowledge with these students," highlighting the dual role that physicians play in these hospitals. The Director General of the Lain Entralgo Agency of the Community of Madrid, D. Antonio Romero Plasencia, said that "being a doctor is focused on promoting health, fighting for the prevention of illness and the enhancing the quality of life of people, when combined with being a professor we have arrived at the ultimate expression of generosity."

The Rector of Universidad Europea de Madrid, Dr. Agueda Benito, firstly thanked the professors of the School of Medicine for their generosity in sharing their knowledge, "I deeply admire professionals in the field of health sciences for your vocation and effort in the work of training the doctors of the next generation." Addressing the students she said "be aware of the importance of your profession to society and its continued development, take advantage of this new program, ask questions and amplify your knowledge." Finally, she also thanked the participating Hospitals centers responsible for this joint program for training future doctors and officially inaugurated the new academic year for the Medicine Program at Universidad Europea de Madrid.

The ceremony was also attended by Dr. Elena Gazapo, Dean of UEM’s School of Biomedical Sciences, who highlighted the opportunity that UEM is providing to its students by creating opportunities for third year students to complete clinical internships, both in Spain and abroad through UEM’s Internationality plan. At the end of her speech, Dr. Gazapo addressed the students and emphasized that "third-year medical students need to think differently, you must learn to apply your knowledge with your relationship with patients, and you can only get this through these types of opportunities offered to you by your university, Universidad Europea de Madrid ".

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.