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UEM student Rafael Carbonero recognized with the Schindler Spain Architecture Award


UEM Student Recognized

Rafael Carbonero, a student at the School of Architecture at the Universidad Europea de Madrid, has been recognized with the Fourth Schindler Spain Architecture Award. The aim of the Schindler Spain Architecture Award is to recognize quality, innovation and originality of student work that leverages vertical solutions to overcome urban barriers.

Carbonero's project, titled "The shape of things to come", creates a unique vertical public space that utilizes escalators to integrate distinct open designs into a building that can meet all the needs of a neighborhood (living space, recreation, commerce, etc) and thus resolve the problem of urban congestion.

All designs submitted for this award are made by students from leading institutions and universities who have won local competitions organized by the company. In 2010, twelve projects were submitted from leading universities in Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona and Las Palmas.

To select the winning projects, the event relies on a group of renowned architecture professionals. This year the jury was composed of Paloma Gómez Marín, Directora de Proyectos del Consejo Superior del Colegio de Arquitectos, Nuria Ramírez, responsable del Área de Sociedad del periódico ABC, Federico Soriano, Jaime Lahuerta Dal Re, M ª José Aranguren and José González Gallegos, four of the most important architects in Spain, and Carlos Guembe, CEO of Schindler Spain.