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Universidad Europea de Madrid is now a smoke-free campus


Universidad Europea de Madrid is now a smoke-free campus

UEM has become a smoke-free campus as of September 1 of this year. The initiative is part of the university's "Healthy Campus" program, a series of healthy and environmentally friendly measures being put in place to create awareness on topics such as drug and alcohol use, nutrition, and an active lifestyle.

"While the creation of a smoke-free campus may be a novelty in our country, it's a practice that has already been put in place in the U.S. as a means of respect to non-smokers and to protect the health of citizens in general. We're hopeful that the entire UEM community will be open to these initiative," said Miguel Carmelo, president of UEM.

The "Healthy Campus" program embodies UEM's commitment to fostering an educational environment that stays true to the importance of environmentally sound choices, which goes hand in hand with quality of life, and the importance of a healthy student body.

According to Miguel Carmelo, UEM's objective is centered on "educating students by way of developing an awareness for the environment and practicing healthy habits that will allow them to develop attitudes and values characteristic of 21st century citizens."

As part of the program, students and faculty have access to nutritional facts on the foods they eat in the university's cafeteria and they can choose specific healthy menus. The UEM community will also be able to take part in intramural sports as part of the program's efforts to advocate the importance of a healthy lifestyle.