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UEM Receives Madrid Excelente 2010 Award


UEM and Madrid Excelente

On June 21, 2010, Universidad Europea de Madrid was among one of ten companies honored in this fourth edition of the Madrid Excelente 2010 Award, a prize presented by the Autonomous Community of Madrid to recognize the quality and excellence of companies whose management is geared towards the client in order to gain their trust.

The award ceremony took place on Friday, June 18th and was presided over by Esperanza Aguirre, President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, who affirmed that “the objective of these awards is to publicly recognize the merit of those companies who constantly strive to improve the quality of their products and services”.

According to Aguirre, this Prize recognizes the “crème de la crème”, as it emphasizes the work of certified companies that carry the Madrid Excelente mark of guarantee, such as Universidad Europea de Madrid, Metro de Madrid, Direct Line Insurance, Naves y Parques Industriales (NAPISA) or the Asociación Empresarial de la zona Norte de Madrid (ACENOMA).

The aim of the Madrid Excelente stamp is to stimulate competitiveness between the businesses in the region and to certify the managerial excellence of a company at all levels, conferring on them the prestige and unique position which they merit and recognizing their success and leadership. There are currently more than 225 companies who have been assigned this quality mark, which was conferred on Universidad Europea de Madrid in 2003, making it the first university to be awarded this distinction.

Águeda Benito, Rector of Universidad Europea de Madrid, was invited to collect the award. “We are honored to receive this prize, not only because of what it recognizes and signifies, but also because it demonstrates that our philosophy to convert quality into a fundamental strategic tool has been fully vindicated”, she stated. “This quality-- that is highly visible in the processes for academic and management innovation set up by  Universidad Europea de Madrid over the last years, as well as its responsibility towards society and the environment and in its ability to manage alliances with other educational and business establishments-- allows our University to maintain a real commitment to academic excellence on behalf of its students”.

The Madrid Excelente Award also recognizes other organizations and institutions which, despite not having the Madrid Excelente stamp, have been worthy of distinction due to their leadership and coherence in terms of management, client orientation and the satisfaction demonstrated by their clients. Roche Farma, Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica, Madrid Intercontinental Hotel, the Rafael del Pino Foundation and the Confederación de Empresarios de Comercio Minorista, Autónomos y de Servicios de la Comunidad de Madrid (CECOMA) have all received awards in this category.

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