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Universidad Europea de Canarias Hosts Youth & Jobs Forum


Universidad Europea de Canarias Hosts Youth & Jobs Forum

Today’s students and tomorrow’s graduates need to have the multidisciplinary skills and experience to take action, according to the conclusions reached at the third forum on Youth & Jobs, hosted by Universidad Europea de Canarias. The forum was attended by Vicente Moreno García-Mansilla, president of Accenture Spain; Carlos Alonso, president of Tenerife’s governing council; Andrés Orozco, territorial director of CaizaBank; Pablo Lorenzo Martínez, director of innovation at Lopesan; and Isabel Fernandez, rector of Universidad Europea de Canarias. The forum was moderated by journalist and director of the Institute of Business Communication, Manuel Campo Vidal.

The first part of the forum was led by Moreno García-Mansilla and addressed talent in the digital age. Explaining that technology is creating the largest social change since the Industrial Revolution, García-Mansilla remarked that a more interconnected world will create opportunities that were unthinkable just a few years ago. García-Mansilla added, “the paradox is that in a world that is increasingly technological, human capital will still make the difference because it is the people that make things happen.”

He continued to say that today’s students and tomorrow’s graduates will need the ability to think and create ideas, the ability to create linkages between different initiatives and the ability to understand different perspectives and how they can and will impact projects and activities. “In the future, we will need people that are action-oriented, that are multidisciplinary and creative,” he added.

Andrés Orozco concurred with Moreno García-Mansilla’s statements and added that professionals also need to be “good people, focused on seeing things through to the end. In my years, I have seen that having the right education is important for people, but that being good and decent is fundamental.”

Fernandez thanked the panelists and attendees in the forum for bringing their different perspectives to this critical issue. She called on employers to continue working with universities and educators to help them design the programs and opportunities that will prepare students for future success.

This article has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.