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José María Aznar participates in Real Madrid International School's graduation ceremony


Jose Maria Aznar at Real Madrid Graduation

José María Aznar, Former Prime Minister of Spain and Executive Chairman of the Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (FAES), participated in the 5th graduation ceremony during which 150 students were awarded their degrees from the Real Madrid International School at Universidad Europea de Madrid. The ceremony was held at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and was also attended by Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, Agueda Benito, Rector of the Universidad Europea de Madrid, Emilio Butragueño, general manager of the Real Madrid International School and Miguel Carmelo, President of Universidad Europea de Madrid and the Mediterranean Region of Laureate International Universities.

During his speech, Aznar offered the recent graduates a series of thoughts and suggestions that he has followed in his personal and professional life. He encouraged them set their sights high. "Don't set small goals for yourself. Ambition is healthy as long as we maintain respect and dignity." He challenged them to work hard. "There is no substitute for the work we each do and for our daily effort," he said. Aznar continued by telling the graduates they should not allow themselves to get discouraged. "If anything, life has taught me that you can get over anything" he stressed. Finally, Aznar encouraged students to "always maintain a constructive spirit, to not look back and to be forever grateful to those around you."

Florentino Perez encouraged students to "work hard every day to overcome challenges and achieve their goals." He noted that the Real Madrid "is a club that is built day after day on the goal of giving back to society all that she has given to us." Perez reminded the audience that the Real Madrid International School "is a platform for talent, knowledge and efforts that brings together more than a thousand students and has the splendid reality of transmitting values and knowledge."

The Real Madrid International School is the first graduate school specialized in sport and its relation to other disciplines such as health, management, entertainment and communication "Only through the professionalization of sport can it become a key economic driver for a country and the best transmitter of values for society. You are the generation that will change society's perception of sports," added Miguel Carmelo.

To end the ceremony, Emilio Butragueño, general manager of the Real Madrid Professional School, said the work of this academic institution is founded on three aspects: "promoting the development of an international and multidisciplinary academic school to meet the needs of society, allowing students to earn an excellent preparation and to create the highly trained professionals needed by the global labor market."