BTK Professor Volker Pook wins Red Dot Award

"Kunst als Negation" Book design wins another Design Award


BTK Professor Volker Pook wins Red Dot Award

The design of the book "Kunst als Negation" (Art as denial) by the author Lars Mextorf has won its third design award, the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Volker Pook, Head of the Department of Communication Design at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (BTK), and Cedric Villem, a former BTK student, have also won the Gold Award from the Berliner Type and the Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the Type Directors Club. The book has also been nominated for the German Government’s Annual Design Award.

After working on this project for over a year and completing more than 100 design proposals, they agreed on the final design for the cover: a pure white background with neon red text, placed on the outermost edges. This design solution provided an optimal connection to the book’s subject matter concerning minimalistic art. The book title and the interior page layouts convey the minimalistic theme, including the font and the distinctive two-color design.

"What appeared at first to be almost a hobby turned out to be one of the most intensive projects on which I’ve worked," said Pook. "We experimented with placing the title "Kunst als Negation" in literally every square inch of the cover before we agreed on the final design."

The book can be viewed at BTK’s library, Bernburger Str. 24-25 in Berlin, from Monday to Friday, 10.00 to 4.00 pm. Visitors and students are welcome to also view the many stages of the evolution of the design concept.