BTK lecturer wins award at the 2012 Las Vegas Indie Film Festival

James Higginson’s film WILLFULL BLINDNESS recognized at international festival


BTK lecturer wins award at the 2012 Las Vegas Indie Film Festival

James Higginson's experimental art film project, WILLFUL BLINDNESS has been awarded the Silver Prize for BEST EDITING FEATURE 2012 at the Las Vegas Indie Film Fest! (VIFF!). VIFF! is an international independent film showcase, held in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, with winning films distributed to art house and independent movie theaters throughout the year. Created, programmed and operated by movie-loving filmmakers, VIFF! is a unique film festival that strives to remain nimble and keep up with emerging trends in the industry. For example, this year they launched a new series of awards for films created using crowd funding platforms like! VIFF! allows filmmakers from around the globe to compete on a multi-cultural stage for an opportunity of theatrical (movie theater) distribution and nearly 100 other awards! Taking place in the arts district of Las Vegas, VIFF! aims to offer a vehicle to get films seen, marketed, and ultimately sold.

WILLFULL BLINDNESS is a nonlinear, circuitous story that borders stream of consciousness, an expansive abstract journey that harvests the memories and fuses the projections of the subconscious, WILLFUL BLINDNESS rakes the boundary where distant memory meets a familiar present, where the real meets the dream, and where the unconscious seems conscious. This non-verbal experimental art film is a bold and stunning visual interpretation that pivots on the struggle of trying, a kaleidoscopic rollercoaster ride through the madness of the mores that consume our contemporary society.  WILLFUL BLINDNESS questions our survival choices. Learn more at IMDB:

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