BiTS Hosts the Ninth Rubicon Business Competition


BiTS Hosts the Ninth Rubicon Business Competition

Seven teams from five countries, including Poland, Germany, Croatia, and Malaysia, participated in the 2015 BiTS (Business and Information Technology School) Rubicon Business Case Competition in Iserlohn. This was the first time the competition included a team from BiTS.

For the ninth year in a row, a team of 20 young students from the university organized and hosted the international business case competition. This year, the teams were focused on crisis management solutions.

Professors and experts from the business world sat on the jury and considered and judged the ideas and concepts of the participants. “The approaches taken by the teams were impressive. Different backgrounds led to the creation of grand ideas, although the task was the same for everyone,” remarked vice dean of the finance management master’s course, Dr. Daniel Kaltofensat, who sat on the jury.  Tom Steller, an alumnus of BiTS, was also on the jury and today works in marketing for Daimler AG. “As a graduate of the university, it is great to see that students from all over the world come together on the campus and leverage their knowledge and expertise in this field,” said Steller.

“We learned so much here,” said Ewelina Cendrowicz from the University of Warsaw. Nicole Chew, from the INTI International College team that participated in the competition last year, commented that “I am still in contact with participants from last year! This year I brought my friends and we took a tour through Europe. Three days in Prague, then to Berlin to see the Berlin Wall, and in Dortmund and Iserlohn since Sunday.”

The highlight of this busy week was a gala dinner in Zweibrückerhof in Herdecke. Carlos Bertran, chief executive officer of Laureate Germany remarked, “The Rubicon Contest is a 100 percent a representation of what BiTS is – proactive, international, and focused on learning-by-doing. What the teams have done over the last days is incredible.”