BiTS team wins 1st HHL energy conference in Leipzig

Innovative and compelling ideas lead BiTS Case Competition team to victory in the first energy conference at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management on the 14th and 15th of April 2011.


BiTS team win 1st HHL energy conference in Leipzig

The four BiTS students Eugenia Ekhardt (Corporate Management), Gina Rademacher, Ban Hofmann and Fabian Mücke (Finance & Management) competed against 11 other teams representing institutions from throughout Germany at the case competition that took place during the conference which was focused on "E-mobility - Implications for business models and infrastructure."

The case study competition was the central event of the conference and addressed contemporary challenge: How can WATT, one of the largest power suppliers in Germany, speed up introducing electric vehicles and establish this as a strategic new business?

The BITS team impressed the jury with a business model that not only considered the sale of electricity to the vehicle users involved, but also the use of the battery located in the car. The solution presented by the BiTS team earned them a lot of praise and recognition from other student teams as well as the jury. The coaches of the BiTS team, Prof. Dr. Stefan Stein and Fabian Prystav, MA, were very proud with the team's performance.

The energy conference was held on 14 and 15 April in Leipzig and was hosted by the Federal Minister Rainer Brüderle. The event started with an introduction of new technologies and problems arising in the field of e-Mobility, before the clock started at 5pm when the participating teams were allotted a nine-hour period of time to address the case study. The following day - after a short night - the winner was selected after two rounds of presentations and question and answer sessions. The judges included management consultants, energy executives and leaders from the host university.

In the evening the BITS team celebrated together with the other students and organizers in the center of Leipzig. Around midnight the victorious BiTS team set off again towards Iserlohn so they would be ready for classes that began the following morning at 8:00am.