Stamford International University receives top score in External Quality Assessment

University earns top scores in all categories


Stamford International University receives top score in External Quality Assessment

Stamford International University has once again received official acknowledgement for its impressive academic credentials. In the latest results of the External Quality Assessment for 2009-2011, the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment of Thailand has awarded Stamford an ‘excellent’ score for all its four schools – Business Administration, Science and Technology, Liberal Arts and Graduate School. Additionally, Stamford achieved top marks in 10 assessment criteria, which evaluates graduate outcomes.

In the overall ranking of its schools, Stamford International University achieved an average score of 4.75 out of the total 5. Particularly noteworthy is the score of 4.77 that was achieved by the Liberal Arts and Graduate School. The overall high scores achieved by all 4 schools is testament to the ongoing initiatives and efforts by Stamford to offer real world education and boost the employability prospects of its students.

The ONESQA awarded Stamford top marks in 10 assessment criteria – employment within one year after graduation, publication of Master’s degree theses, exploitation of research and creative works, academic and professional services to the society, promotion and support of culture and arts, aesthetic development through culture and art, university administration, accomplishment upon reflecting the university’s identity, and society leadership through internal and external activities.

Stamford’s promise of world-class education is part of the university’s DNA with the ultimate objective of helping create highly sought after graduates with strong leadership, interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills.

“Our curriculum bridges the gap between the needs of the industry and academia. We strive to develop highly sought after graduates who can seamlessly adapt in any job market globally,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boonmark Sirinaovakul, President of Stamford International University.

“The ONESQA’s positive assessment confirms we’re on the right track with our educational policies and academic measures, and that we have an effective quality assurance monitoring system. That’s something we can all be proud of here at Stamford.”