Romano Prodi visits Stamford International University

Former Italian Prime Minister and President of European Commission addresses students


Romano Prodi visits Stamford International University

As a university committed to ensuring international exposure and global readiness for its students, Stamford International University hosted a public lecture by former Italian Prime Minister and President of the European Commission President Romano Prodi. The lecture was attended by more than 250 students from the university and other key stakeholders including members of the diplomatic community and industry leaders. The lecture is part of Stamford’s strategic measures to prepare its students for the implementation of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) in 2015.

The public lecture which took place in central Bangkok drew strong support from Stamford’s students who are increasingly being exposed to industry leaders and captains of the industry as part of Stamford International University’s “Difference is Real” commitment. In the past year, students from Stamford have had the opportunity to personally meet and listen to President Bill Clinton, Virgin Atlantic founder Sir Richard Branson, the former Chairman and CEO of General Electric Jack Welch, ‘Father of Modern Strategy’ Michael Porter and former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates amongst others. Stamford, as a member of the Laureate International Universities network which has a presence in 29 countries around the world, regularly brings global events such as the World Business Forum, Clinton Global Initiative, World Innovation Forum and other similar programs to its classrooms. Select students have also had the opportunity to be personally present at these key global events.

“Such exposure transcends disciplines and is relevant in exposing our students and faculty members to new ways of thinking, new approaches, new trends, innovative skills and contemporary knowledge for them to apply and enrich their professional and personal lives. At Stamford, we are passionate about international exposure for our students as we believe this is key towards them becoming true global citizens who can seamlessly adapt to any employment market,” President of Stamford International University Dr Boonmark Sirinoavakul said.

Prior to the public lecture, a group of 10 students from Stamford’s campuses in Bangkok and Hua Hin met President Prodi during a working lunch where they discussed his approach to life-long learning and gained insights into his personal views about the qualities of future leaders. They also discussed the role of youth to promote intercultural and global cooperation. President Prodi who was a professor of economics at the University of Bologna, a visiting professor at Harvard University and the Stanford Research Institute and a researcher at the London School of Economics, was also conferred with a Honorary Doctorate in Liberal Arts by Stamford International University.

“We are greatly honored to have had the opportunity to host President Romano Prodi and believe that our students have benefited immensely from listening to a renowned global leader and economist share his views on worldwide cooperation in the age of globalization,” Dr Boonmark Sirinoavakul added.