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Media Design School students win the Bees Awards

Priya Ratan and Kiran Stickland win the World Student Brief category


Media Design School students win the Bees Awards

The AdSchool’s Priya Ratan and Kiran Strickland have won the World Student Brief category at The Bees Awards, San Francisco for their ‘Snapchat with Chile’ social campaign.

The challenge was to come up with a social media campaign that encouraged English-speaking students to go to one of four non-English speaking countries (Chile, Thailand, Finland or Costa Rica) on a student exchange.

The team’s strategy was for students to use Snapchat to play snap with people from other countries to show both the comforting similarities as well as the exciting differences between cultures.

“A very difficult brief but Priya and Kiran stood up to the challenge, even though it was the very first student competition they'd tackled this year,” said Program Leader Kate Humphries.

For its fourth year, the Bees Awards received more than 250 social media marketing campaigns from six continents and 23 countries.