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Dr Carmen Lamboy Naughton Visits INTI Malaysia


Dr Carmen Lamboy

Today Laureate International Universities has academic leaders in a variety of fields located throughout our network around the world. Creating opportunities for these leaders to reach out and establish connections with other academic leaders as well as with students has been one of the main priorities of the Laureate Network Products and Services Group (LNPS). One way we increase access between faculty has been through a series of Webinars delivered through the LNPS Faculty Development site that is headed up by Dr. Carmen Lamboy-Naughton. Global Webinars enable Subject Matter Experts to address a group of faculty leveraging technology without having to leave home and have been very popular with thousands of faculty participating in these events to date.

To further enhance opportunities for academic leaders to reach faculty and students, the Laureate Network Products and Services group created the Laureate Visiting Fellows Program. The Laureate Visiting Fellows Program is composed of academic leaders who have earned a terminal degree in a variety of distinct academic disciplines. The program provides opportunities for them to travel to other network institutions and spend up to one week directly addressing students and faculty through presentations and workshops. Schools looking for special speakers on different topics can consult the Visiting Fellows Program to see if there are specialists in topics they might like to have addressed and the LNPS

In July 2010, Dr. Carmen Lamboy-Naughton was the first Laureate Visiting Fellow and visited INTI in Malaysia. Through the Visiting Fellows Program, Dr. Lamboy-Naughton, a specialist in instructional technology and distance education, visited multiple INTI campuses and delivered a series of thought provoking presentations to INTI faculty focused on teaching and to INTI students focused on how to become a more effective lifelong learner. According to Dr. Lamboy, “As the first visiting fellow, I wanted to share my experience with faculty and students; bring them new perspectives and views.  But I firmly believe that teachers don’t just teach and learners don’t just learn.  Teachers learn what students teach them too. I wasn’t surprised then when I found that at the end of the visit, the time spent at INTI allowed me to learn new things and walk away re-energized.”

As the first Laureate school to receive a Visiting Fellow, INTI was very excited to be able to share Dr. Lamboy-Naughton’s passion and experience directly with hundreds of faculty and students and they look forward to welcoming more Visiting Fellows to visit Malaysia in the near future. According to Dr. Anucia Jeganathan, INTI’s Chief Academic Offficer, “Two of INTI’s key initiatives are internationalism and innovation and the Laureate Visiting Fellows Program enables us to deliver on this through leveraging the Laureate network. We bring in experts from the Laureate International Universities Network from around the world to talk to students and staff on topics which are not only current but relevant to their learning and teaching. Students get a chance to link the theory they study with what is happening in the outside world. These lectures are integrated into the curriculum so that they enrich the students’ learning and expose our staff to globalization. In the LIU world, the visiting fellows program will open the possibilities of collaboration and contribute to the realization of our goal to deliver leading-edge teaching and learning excellence”.

For more information on how you can participate in the Laureate Visiting Fellows Program, please first seek approval from your supervisor as engagements can take up to a week and contact Craig Lundsten at