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INTI Professor Receives Malaysia’s Top Education Award


Bajunid accepts Malaysian Education Award

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, INTI International University’s Deputy President, recently received the Tokoh Kepimpinan Pendidikan 2010 or Education Leadership 2010 Award – which is Malaysia’s top accolade in the Education sector.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim received the award which acknowledges his contributions to educational policy, practice, and academics in Malaysia and abroad from the Minister of Education, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister of the country. He was responsible for building up Institut Aminuddin Baki or the National Institute of Educational Management and Leadership. Aside from serving as director of the institute for a decade, he was president of the Malaysian Council of Education, Management and Leadership; Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management; Malaysian Educational Research Association; and leader of the National Union of Teaching Profession. Other roles in his impressive portfolio include Director of the UNESCO Regional Centre for Educational Planning in the United Arab Emirates.

“I feel honoured and humbled by this award,” said Professor Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim. “Although it was given to me, the award reflects the heavy and collective responsibilities of all teachers. Success is hollow and meaningless if one does not take responsibility to use available resources, knowledge, skills, gifts and talent to develop others, to contribute to the community, to alleviate suffering, to improve the quality of life and really in the final analysis, to serve mankind.”

His passion to help mankind is reflected in his philosophy of not expecting anything in return for his efforts. “The challenge is always to rise above the narcissistic self, go beyond the ‘me first, mine first’ phenomenon, beyond hedonism and be as unselfish and altruistic and magnanimous as possible,” he said.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim believes that private education plays a pivotal role in Malaysia’s higher education industry and relishes his role as Deputy President of INTI International University to drive the institution to greater heights.