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UPES students Develop 'Best Android App' at American Hackathon


University of Petroleum and Energy Student Organization Wins Global Recognition

UPES has added another feather to its cap after its students developed an Android app that was declared best in show by judges at the "Spartahack" hackathon at Michigan State University. The four-person team was made up of two UPES students and two other American university students. They worked together to develop a technology that was named "Best Android App" at the hackathon and won prize money of $400 for their project named Intellivision.

The whole strategy involved creating a Google Glass application, alongside the Android app. The above mentioned application fulfilled the need of being able to look at the surroundings through the Google Glass eyewear, while providing live tags. The gadget is also hands-free with the support of a Myo band to secure it to the user.

Around 500 students were selected from top universities like the University of Purdue, the University of Illinois and Waterloo University in Canada to participate in the hackathon. Like other major hackathons, it was a three-day event where students had to brainstorm ideas and develop a prototype of their idea