Students Begin Campaign to Launch Nanosatellite Project


University of Petroleum and Energy Student Organization Wins Global Recognition

Cu-REO, a CubeSat for Remote Earth Observation(s), is an initiative by students of the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) to design and develop a nanosatellite to aid in prediction of earthquakes prior to their occurrence. It is an initiative by the students meant to help fight against the catastrophic destruction caused by earthquakes in seismic prone regions. It would allow communities to prepare themselves or migrate from the area, in order to curtail on the extensive loss of human life and resources. In the initial stage, it will be used as a 'test bed for verifying the hypothetical research work in the detection of seismic activity by studying the perturbations in the magnetic field of Earth', however, in later stage it will be used to detect earthquakes solely. Weighing merely a kilogram and having dimensions of 10 x 10 x 10 cm, Cu-REO will be the first CubeSat to be designed for such an operation.

The UPES Aerospace Department has launched a CureoSat campaign on Indiegogo to start a collection of funds for the Nanosatellite project. For the construction of the nanosatellite, its aims for $40,000 initially (2.72 Million Rupees or 27.2 Lakh Rupees). This campaign aims at collecting funds for all the aspects of the satellite project including the highly advanced on board components. The website for the nanosatellite project is and the official Facebook page is