University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Students Win the 2015 TATA Crucible Quiz



A team of two engineering students from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Muddasir Khan and Bhodanapu Vishnu, won the Tata Crucible Quiz 2015. The annual business quiz competition, which started in 2004, brings together the brightest minds in India to compete.

The first round of the competition included more than 75 teams participating from various universities, including IIT Roorkee, IIM Kashipur and others from all over Uttarakhand in India.  With their strong preparation, Muddasir and Bhodanapu made it quickly through the first round.

After securing a position in the finals, the UPES team went on to the top score in the finals. When asked about how they persevered and came through, Muddasir responded by remarking that “one has keep his nerves calm when things are not right and concentrate.”  Vishnu added, “it was the continuous preparation that made all the difference and allowed us to carve our way to success and win.”