IFFTI Fashion Conference at Pearl Academy of Fashion gets accolades from global fashion icons


IFFTI Fashion Conference at Pearl Academy of Fashion gets accolades from global fashion icons

Kudos all around for International Fashion and Design conference organized by Pearl Academy of Fashion in historic pink city  

For fashion icons, retailers, manufacturers and designers – the famed city of Jaipur also known as the “Pink City” – was the setting for the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes’ mega fashion and education event - IFFTI 2012 - an elaborate conference focused on issues related to the fashion and design industry being debated and discussed by some of the top names from around the world.

The event which was hosted by the Pearl Academy of Fashion – a member of the Laureate International Universities network – was inaugurated by acclaimed Italian fashion designer Angela Missoni and attended by fashion and design leaders from across the globe, including Rajeev Sethi from the Asian Heritage Foundation, Simon Lock, Creative Director, Dubai Fashion Week, Jeffry Aronsson, CEO, Emanuel Ungaro, Santosh Desai, Managing Director & CEO, Future Brands Ltd, Ram Sareen, Head Coach/Founder, TUKA group and Frances Corner, Head, London College of Fashion.

Dr AKG Nair, Group Director, Pearl Academy of Fashion said, “IFFTI is the only conference that attracts national and international design leaders spanning the fashion industry’s wide spectrum and provides an interactive platform to all stakeholders across the value chain in the fashion and design industry. The idea behind bringing IFFTI to India was to showcase the universal convergence of fashion and design, while highlighting the enormous potential of the Indian market to the global audience.”

These thoughts were echoed by Mr Simon Lock, Creative Director, Dubai Fashion Week, “Conferences such as IFFTI are important to discuss the fashion industry’s ever-changing facets and to provide an overview about different aspects in the design supply chain. Backed by its rich cultural heritage, India has the creativity, fashion sense and sensibility to make a lasting impression on global fashion; it’s just a question of converting practical ideas into actual designs to further enhance this lineage.”

Speaking about the conference and his interactions with PAF students, Mr Jeffry Aronsson, CEO, Emanuel Ungaro said, “This has been an enormously enriching experience, given the wonderful gathering of people from around the globe. The IFFTI 2012 conference is a true testament to the multifaceted evolvement of art wherein the craft becomes less of a component and more of a finished product that can be designed in India but exported to the world. I am especially pleased with my interactions with PAF students, who are not only passionate but extremely involved in the tasks they undertake.”

All the activities and programs were in sync with the conference theme – ‘Fashion Beyond Borders’ – which included analytical debates and discussions on issues such as multicultural identities, virtual connections, commercial opportunities and educational responses, among others.

The event was best summed-up in the words of Prof. Frances Corner, Head, London College of Fashion, “Being part of the IFFTI 2012 conference has been an extraordinary experience, thanks to the robust discussions on fashion industry issues. The event highlighted the beauty and vivacity of India for global delegates. Such a successful event was only possible due to the high-quality work done by PAF and the academy’s initiatives in bringing together different stakeholders involved with the fashion business.”

Apart from being a perfect platform for networking, IFFTI 2012 benefitted manufacturers, designers and students immensely, as they received an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest developments and trends in the rapidly-evolving sector with national and global peers. The conference also highlighted the crucial requirements that fashion education needs to address in order to match the growing needs of the industry.

From providing a platform for rich interactions within the fashion industry to facilitating exposure for students and displaying the art and craft of Indian craftsmen to an international audience, PAF has helped in creating many benchmarks in the arena of fashion education through the IFFTI 2012 conference, solidifying its position as one of the pioneers and leaders in the fashion and design education industry.