Morocco's Minister of Tourism Emphasizes Role of UIC in Training Country's Elite in Tourism Sector


Morocco's Minister of Tourism Emphasizes Role of UIC in Training Country's Elite in Tourism Sector

As part of a meeting, “Hotel and Tourism Training: Situation and Prospects,” Université Internationale de Casablanca (UIC) welcomed the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Lahcen Haddad, who spoke to an audience of tourism and hospitality students from about the challenges of training within the framework of the Vision for 2020.

The Vision for 2020, which should put Morocco among the top 20 tourist destinations in the world, has become a global benchmark in the development of the sector. It sets out a training component built around four objectives: strengthening service dimensions and life skills, enhancing language skills, developing the of training middle management and adapting to changes in the sector and diversification of the offer.

Qualified human resources are the key to success, remarked Haddad. “The OFPPT, and private institutions such as UIC, help train the elite of tomorrow in the field of tourism that will carry the torch of Morocco in the world. This is essential, since we definitely must create leaders with the necessary skills that will enable them to anticipate the major changes in tourism.” Before ending he noted that, “We are talking about one million direct and indirect jobs in this sector in Morocco.”

Closing the meeting, Mr. Mohammed Said Tahiri, director general of the National Confederation of Tourism and professor at UIC, presented a brief summary of the strengths of tourism in Morocco. “This is one of the sectors that produced the highest growth rate. It also offers a major place for women and a unique synergy between a wide variety of areas: housing, transportation, food, and culture.”

Around a panel of experts, the meeting was also attended by Mrs. Nawal El Haouari, director of resources and training department of tourism and Mr. Abdelhaq Mouhtaj, director of the Higher Institute of International Tourism Tangier (ISITT), the main public operator in the tourism and hospitality training industry.


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