Four Nobel Laureates address students and faculty at Istanbul Bilgi University during World Congress of the Game Theory Society

Turkey’s top-ranked Istanbul Bilgi University, a member of Laureate International Universities, hosts the 4th World Congress of the Game Theory Society


Four Nobel Laureates address students and faculty at Istanbul Bilgi University during World Congress of the Game Theory Society

Baltimore, Maryland – Monday, July 23, 2012 - One of Turkey’s highest ranking institutions of higher education, Istanbul Bilgi University (BILGI), is hosting the 4th World Congress of the Game Theory Society from Sunday July 22 through Thursday July 26. Taking place once every four years, the 4th World Congress brings four Nobel Laureates and more than 700 researchers to Istanbul to promote the research, teaching and application of game theory.

Game theory studies strategic interaction in competitive and cooperative environments. It is a central tool for economics and the social sciences, poses challenging research questions in mathematics, and is applied across a wide variety of fields, including computer science, neuroscience, philosophy, and biology. The global governing body of game theoreticians is meeting at BILGI over a five-day period for a series of plenary sessions and panels.

The four Nobel Laureates will address BILGI’s student body and conduct Q&A sessions with students on game theory and its strategic application in modern social, political and business life. The Nobel Laureates – Eric Maskin (Harvard University, 2007 Nobel Prize in Economics), Roger Myerson (University of Chicago, 2007 Nobel Prize in Economics), Reinhard Selten (University of Bonn, 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics) and John Nash (Princeton University, 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics) – are world-renowned mathematicians and economists who continue to extend the application of game theory to many branches of academic and scientific research.

 “It speaks highly of Istanbul Bilgi University and the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and intellectual curiosity that the Game Theory Society decided to host its conference at BILGI,” said Douglas L. Becker, Chairman and CEO of Laureate Education, Inc.  “What an honor and thrill for the students and faculty at BILGI to have an opportunity to spend time with four remarkable Nobel Laureates.” 

Also commenting on the occasion, Remzi Sanver, the Rector of Istanbul Bilgi University, said, “We are honored to host the World Congress of the Game Theory Society and welcome this esteemed group of academics and scientists who are sharing their knowledge and experiences with our university community. Hosting global events like the World Congress is one of many ways BILGI seeks to educate free-thinking, creative, intellectually curious and enterprising individuals who will contribute to a world in which knowledge is accessible to all members of our society.”

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