Dai-ichi Life Vietnam and Laureate International Universities introduce the “Priority Enrolment Program of Overseas Study in the U.S.”

Providing your beloved children a good head start and bright future


Dai-ichi Life Vietnam and Laureate International Universities introduce the “Priority Enrolment Program of Overseas Study in the U.S.”
Ha Noi, April 4th, 2012 – Today, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Viet Nam (“Dai-ichi Life Vietnam”) and Laureate International Universities ("Laureate") officially introduced the launch of “the Priority Enrolment Program of Overseas Study in the U.S.” at Hilton Opera Hanoi Hotel. This is the first-of-its-kind program in Vietnam market, Dai-ichi Life Viet Nam in cooperation with Laureate, linking life insurance with overseas study, through which the parents are able to plan an education fund for their children and to prepare an international-quality education for them with the “Priority Enrolment Program of Overseas Study in the United States.” by joining An Phuc Hung Thinh product of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam.

The greatest wish of parents is to see their children grow-up and achieve their educational goals. Preparing a solid education foundation and an opportunity of study and learn in the U.S., considered the best education system in the world, is always a great aspiration of many Vietnamese customers. The “Priority Enrolment Program of Overseas Study in the U.S.” is specifically designed for the high-end class customer segment, whose children are from 0-12 years old, and have a desire for their children to be educated in the U.S.. Under this program, when joining An Phuc Hung Thinh with the policy terms of 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 21 years, the basic benefits of the life product like comprehensive protection in case of risk incidents; receiving attractive savings benefits, which applies the high interest rates closely matching the market benchmark; periodic cash coupon on the anniversary date of every 3-year period of the policy; and the benefit of receiving increasing surrender value in case of death or total and permanent disability before the age of 65 customers will receive a certificate of “Priority Enrolment of Overseas Study in the U.S.” for their beloved children. This is a “passport to the future” that the customers can reserve for them, when they reach the age of 18-21.

With the certificate of “Priority Enrolment of Overseas Study in the U.S.”, the customers will provide their children the opportunity of enjoying the most advanced education system in the world with unique benefits such as: priority of enrolment in three great and varied locations in the US at one of the three prestigious colleges/universities in the U.S., namely Kendall College (Chicago), Santa Fe University of Art and Design (Santa Fe), NewSchool of Architecture and Design (San Diego). If the academic qualifications and English level requirements of each chosen institution are met; priority of choosing the enrolment year and the program; getting support in overseas study visa application procedures; flexibility of changing the school within Laureate universities system; using An Phuc Hung Thinh policy as a financial proof.

Mr. Takashi Fujii – Chairman cum General Director of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, said: “Being parents, we always wish to provide our children with the best things and, there is nothing better than education. With a good education, our beloved children can fulfill their own dreams and have a solid foundation for their career success in the future. In line with our business philosophy “Thinking People First”, we want to make a difference in providing the premier products and services to our customers. We are proud that the “Priority Enrolment Program of Overseas Study in the U.S..” is currently unique in the market with premier benefits for customers, linking life insurance products with international-quality education in the U.S. with a view to helping our customers prepare for their children’s rosy future right from today, since we believe education is the foundation for a bright future. We hope that, through this unique program, more and more Vietnamese students will have the chance to study in a country of advanced education like the U.S..”

Not only building its reputation as one of the leading life insurance companies in Vietnam, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam is committed in supporting the community, especially in education. The launch of “Priority Enrolment Program of Overseas Study in the U.S. ” is part of its long-term corporate strategy aiming at improving the education quality for the young generation and nurturing young talents for the country. Dai-ichi Life Vietnam also cooperates with RMIT International University to carry out the “Priority Enrolment Program of Study at RMIT International University Vietnam ” for those customers joining An Sinh Giao Duc and An Tam Hung Thinh products of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam.

"Laureate is very pleased to team up with Dai-Ichi Life Vietnam for this unique and inspiring program. Our three higher education institutions in the US are offering world-class education in business, hospitality management, design, architecture, and art. Laureate's professionally-oriented curriculum and in-demand degrees are delivered with an international perspective to help every Laureate student achieve a return in the global marketplace on their education investment", said Dr. Michael Mann, Managing Director, Laureate International Universities, Asia-Pacific.

About the Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited (Japan)
Established in 1902, the Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited (“Dai-ichi Life”) is one of the leading life insurance companies in the world as well as in Japan with the total asset of USD 388.4 billion, premium income of USD 39.8 billion (as of March 31, 2011). Dai-ichi Life has been developing its overseas life insurance business in Vietnam, India, Thailand, and Australia.

About Dai-ichi Life Vietnam
As a member of Dai-ichi Life, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam, Ltd. (“Dai-ichi Life Vietnam”) was established in January of 2007. This is the first foreign market that Dai-ichi Life expands its business through a 100%-owned subsidiary. Just after one year of operation in Vietnam, in January 2008, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was approved by Ministry of Finance to increase its charter capital from US$25 million to US$ 72 million. According to statistics by Ministry of Finance, Dai-ichi Life has become the foreign-invested life-insurance company with the largest charter capital submitted in Vietnam (1,141 billion dong) by 31/12/2010. (*)

About Laureate International Universities
Laureate International Universities is the world's leading international network of quality, innovative institutions of higher education. The Laureate network has more than 58 accredited universities, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 700,000 students around the world. Our students are part of an international, academic community that spans 28 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia - Pacific.

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(*) Source: Data of life insurance market 2010, Appendix to Report “Life insurance market 2010”, Department of Insurance Management & Supervision, Ministry of Finance, delivered in the Insurance Conference dated 18/3/2011.