UVM Award for Social Development Ceremony


Mexico City, MX — March 5, 2008. Fifteen young social entrepreneurs, from 10 Mexican states, were recognized yesterday at the second annual UVM Award for Social Development ceremony held at the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, Mexico. In addition to receiving a $2,500 award and recognition at this event, this diverse group of young social leaders participated in a week-long training session on issues relevant to their community projects, such as fundraising, public relations/media relations, and project planning and evaluation. The goal of the program is to not only honor recipients and provide monetary support, but also to provide the necessary skills so that these young achievers may strengthen the reach of their work.

The UVM Award for Social Development is co-sponsored by The Sylvan/Laureate Foundation, the International Youth Foundation, Rostros y Voces (a nonprofit organization that supports social development) and the Universidad del Valle de México. The UVM Award for Social Development promotes positive social actions that foster sustainable development and involve local community members, businesses, and government agencies. Through these awards, the higher education and philanthropic sponsors seek to recognize and honor youth who are addressing social issues in their local communities.

"For the International Youth Foundation, it is an honor to recognize the second generation of the UVM Award for Social Development recipients, and to have worked together with our fellow sponsors to create a youth development model that will be adapted and replicated at other universities across the Laureate International Universities network," commented William Reese, the president and CEO of the International Youth Foundation. Mr. Reese added, "At IYF, we believe that young people are the solution to problems and the creators of sustainable programs for the betterment of society."

Diana Arely Pacheco Chab is one of this year's UVM award recipients. She leads the Yucatan-based project Mayan Designs of the Yucatan, which uses fruits and natural resources of the Yucatan region to create handcrafts that include images of Mayan designs, plants and animals representative of this Mexican state. Mayan Designs of the Yucatan then collaborates with indigenous communities to sell these articles. The project provides proceeds to improve their quality of life and at the same time preserves and promotes their culture.

"We are fortunate to have the support of institutions like the Sylvan/Laureate Foundation, the International Youth Foundation (IYF), Rostros y Voces and the Universidad del Valle de México because this assistance motivates us to keep working and to continue helping our municipalities, state and country. With the support of the UVM award, many young leaders will be further encouraged to continue their leadership in the development of Mexico," commented Diana Arely.

According to Douglas Becker, chair and CEO of Laureate Education, Inc. and chair of the International Youth Foundation's Board of Directors, "We are pleased to witness the success of the UVM award and are enthusiastic about the adaptation and replication of this program this year at the Universidad Europea de Madrid in Spain and the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in Brazil."

2007 UVM Award for Social Development Recipients

Adrián Calderón Serrano - Guerrero
Ecolé para la Vida: Creates portable toilets and promotes access to safe drinking water in low-income communities

Alejandro Castillo López - Sonora
Corredor de Esteros NaturArte: Fosters eco-tourism projects with local community members

Cynthia Cruz Cortés - Oaxaca
Programa de Atención a niñez trabajadora del Mercado: Provides psychological and health services to children who work in local markets

Néstor Andrés Figueroa Rodríguez - Morelos
Conexiones Científicas:Promotes scientific research and activities for young people

Lorena Alejandra González Conde - Puebla
Yancuic Ohtli: Focuses on engaging low-income and indigenous communities in the production of macadamia nuts

Carlos Alberto Masés García - Guerrero
Promoción humana en la montaña de Guerrero: Promotes integral community development with low-income indigenous communities

Edward Mendoza Avila - Michoacán
Agroindustrialización del Nopal: Seeks to produce Nopal for medicinal and consumption purposes

Luis Octavio Ortigoza Ayala - Edomex
Prótesis de Sustitución Sensorial: Provides sensorial vision for the blind

Diana Arely Pacheco Chab - Yucatán
Diseños mayas de Yucatán: Focuses on the production of indigenous handicrafts for the benefit of local communities

Lizandra Palma Jurado - Michoacán
Abriendo puertas: Works with low-income deaf children to improve speech skills

Zenaida Pérez Gutiérrez - Oaxaca
Formación de pequeños comunicadores: Provides radio broadcast training and airtime to indigenous children and youth

Daniel Alonso Quiroz Dafau - Distrito Federal
La Pirinola gira en la radio: Radio broadcast led by and for disabled individuals

José Netzahualcóyotl Salazar Guzmán - Morelos
Capacitación a vecinos de la Avenida Jesús H. Preciado, en el pueblo histórico de San Antón, para la separación domiciliaria y manejo de residuos en el Centro de Acopio Comunitario: Seeks to promote ecological trash separation and disposal

Alejandra Uribe Ruiz - Coahuila
Craiola: Works to promote academic skills of primary school children

Judith del Angel Velásquez Santopietro - Distrito Federal
Revista literaria Iguanazul: Literary magazine that promotes the preservation of Indigenous languages

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