More than 5000 Students Graduate from Universidad Europea

“From this day forward and for always, together with my colleagues from Universidad Europea, as a university graduate, as a professional, and as a citizen, I will work to help build a better world.” With this stated commitment, the graduates of Universidad Europea brought an emotional graduation ceremony that included more than 13,000 people to a close. The commitment these graduates made is the same commitment made by the university to promote ethics and support personal and societal development. 

More than 5,000 students from the university’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs, which included more than 800 international students from 50 different countries, celebrated in the graduation ceremony. “Facing the difficult situation that we all have seen, you should have confidence in your ability to build a better tomorrow,” said Antonio San José, the former CNN+ journalist who currently serves in a leadership role with Movistar TV. He urged them to approach their professional challenges with strength, determination and humility. “For you, the best is yet to come. The next era belongs to you,” he said.  

Miguel Carmelo, president of Universidad Europea and CEO of Laureate International Universities Europe, called on government, academic leaders and employers to take the steps needed to ensure quality education is accessible to more people. Education should seek to provide knowledge, as well as support the development of skills and values so graduates are prepared to thrive in work environments. He recognized that creating these types of programs is challenging, but is necessary for the economy. “We live in a global society, which is more competitive and fortunately we have more graduates. We are convinced that you are now ready to help build a better tomorrow,” he said.