Monash South Africa Professor Visits Universidade Potiguar

From Apr. 7-10, Universidade Potiguar (UnP) hosted a series of important events focused on the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. Titled “Impacts of the Post World Cup,” the event featured key note speaker professor Ilse Struweg, from Monash University South Africa, a member of the Laureate International Universities network. Struweg visited UnP’s Salgado Filho, Floriano Peixoto, Roberto Freire and Mosorró campuses.

During the weeklong visit, she shared the impact that the World Cup had on the last country to host it, South Africa, and some of the things she thought that Brazil could do following the event. 

Struweg is the head of the school of economics and business administration at Monash South Africa and during her visit she participated in interviews with the local media. “The Brazilian reality is very similar to what we had in South Africa before the World Cup, and we think overall that the impact was positive. The biggest lessons we learned had to do with mobility and traffic, as well as stadium construction,” shared Struweg, who thought that Brazilians should be more optimistic about the World Cup.

The next series of talks hosted by the international office will focus on green technology and will include special guests from the United States of America.