Monash South Africa Participates in Mandela Month

During the month of July, which is recognized in South Africa as Mandela Month, Monash South Africa (MSA) collaborated with the Ducere Foundation to publish books written by grade six learners from Zandspruit Primary School, and distribute to local schools in the community. The Ducere Foundation provides a platform for children across Africa to tell their stories, and the stories their elders have told over generations. 

This publication of stories by the 10 young authors is part of the collaboration between the Ducere Foundation and MSA’s “This is Me” community engagement program, run by Sahl Karim, a second year social science student at MSA. On Thursday, July 16, 2015, MSA and the Ducere Foundation honored these young authors with an official launch of the book, “African Children’s Stories: Written by Children in South Africa for Their Friends Across the Globe.”