Media Design Student Wins Global Portraiture Photography Challenge

The Portraiture Photography Challenge was organized by Frontier, a global community and source of inspiration for young, creative, art and design students. The challenge asked aspiring photographers and digital artists to photograph a subject that the artists connected with through the process of creating a portrait capturing the personality and essence of the individual. 

Navjin “Navve” Khosravi, who moved from her hometown of Stockholm, Sweden to Auckland to study 3-D Animation at the Media Design School (MDS), won the challenge. She originally took the winning photo during the first year of her Bachelor of Art and Design (3-D Animation) qualification. Her winning portrait, “The Painted Man,” draws inspiration from an artist closer to home. Navve says that the images were somewhat inspired by a Swedish recording artist, Daniel Adams-Ray, who is also painted on the cover of his album Svart, Vitt och allt däremellan (2010).

The judges agreed that her entry was very good as well, stating that “The Painted Man” displayed “…superb lighting, with subtle graduations of tone and strong contrast overall; the intensity of the off-camera gaze; the evocative pose of the subject, suggesting a classical bust; and the raw, male energy conveyed.”

As the winner of the Frontier Portraiture Photography Challenge, Navve received a full scholarship to take a variety of summer courses at the NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, Calif., in July.

NewSchool’s two-week summer courses give creative students the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the exciting design city of San Diego, Calif. Selected visits to museums, companies, production sites and design studios during the programs expose students to the creative and cultural environment in San Diego. The trip to San Diego will be Navve’s first time in the USA.