Media Design School Ranked 4th Best Global VFX/Animation School

Media Design School (MDS) has been ranked the fourth best school in the world to study visual effects, animation and game art in 2015 by the Autodesk Sponsored CG Student Award. The CG Student Awards received 1,000 submissions of portfolios from students and recent graduates who had studied at more than 200 different schools around the world.

Each school was awarded points based on data collected from the performance of submissions from students in four of the main award categories: Student of the Year (VFX/Animation), Student of the Year (Next-Gen Gaming), Film of the Year, and Game of the Year. The CG Student Awards then ranked the quality of the submissions and used this score to determine the top 20 schools globally. 

Of the seven MDS art and design students who made the top 12 finalist list for the 2015 CG Student Awards Oceania Bootcamp, two students, Rafael Gonzalez Quinones and James Hall, were awarded internships as part of the VFX/Animation Bootcamp. In addition to these individual successes, two of the short films produced by Media Design School’s third year students, Over the Moon (a class production) and Impasse (by student group, Front Row Mafia), both won awards in the Film of the Year category. Dungeon Town, a game created by MDS students, received an award in the Game of the Year category.

CG student co-founder Alwyn Hunt individually recognized the success of MDS and its students. “A real highlight for us is seeing the Media Design School make such a dramatic jump up the ladder from previous years. It’s the first time we have actually seen a school from the Oceania region claim a spot in the list,” said Hunt.