Leading Spanish Actors Visit Universidad Europea

As part of Universidad Europea’s Week of Communication, the university hosted a round table composed of three leading Spanish actors, Lluvia Rojo, known for her work in Cuéntame cómo pasó, Roberto Enríquez from the series Isabel and Guillermo Ortega from La que se Avecina, all of which are leading Spanish television shows. 

The first session started by discussing the success and popularity of television series and movies that are focused on Spain’s culture and history. According to Rojo, researching the past and learning the history is a key part of playing one of these roles. “It’s a very interesting process. In my case, I’ve spent so many years playing this person that it’s really become my second self.” For Enríquez, the use of historical settings requires the right context to facilitate the understanding of the audience.

“The most important part of any series is the script, and by extension the intelligence and sensibility of the script writer,” confirmed Ortega, when asked for the key parts of creating a popular series. “It is fundamental that the story be told correctly, that it relates to our common humanity and isn’t dependent on what is fashionable. You have to be loyal to what you are trying to communicate,”

he added.

The actors ended the round table with a discussion that addressed the primary problems and challenges of contemporary Spanish literature. In the opinion of Rojo, “It is a war of the audiences. All of the series can live together, provided they don’t overlap and we end up with generalists.” Ortega highlighted the necessity of thinking first about the story that you want to tell, without considering the audience. “There’s an aversion to risk-taking by the producers of series”, Enrique said, because in his opinion they are guided by what has worked in the past.

The Week of Communication is an annual week-long event organized by Universidad Europea to bring leaders from the world of entertainment, culture, communication and translation to Universidad Europea’s Villaviciosa de Odon campus. The event gives students a first row seat to the current state of these important sectors and the trends that will continue to shape them in the near future.