Laureate’s Presidential Counselor, Ernesto Zedillo visits Stamford International University

Recently, the former Mexican president and Laureate’s Presidential Counselor, Ernesto Zedillo, visited Stamford International University in Thailand. During his trip, President Zedillo focused on the relevance of the industry and education sectors working together to enhance employability. President Zedillo gave a special address titled, “Importance of Industry – Education Sector Synergy for Graduate Employability” to a select group of special guests and stakeholders including the Advisory Board and numerous leading Industry Partners. 

President Zedillo also gave a special address on “Globalization and the Role of Youth in Shaping Tomorrow’s Economy” for Stamford students. At the event, he stressed the importance of education in preparing young people for working life, “Universities should prioritize quality. They should have constant interaction with private and government sectors so that students will not enter the labor force unprepared. By asking industry and government sectors what is needed, students benefit immensely.”

Stamford is committed to delivering international exposure to its students to ensure that graduates are fully prepared to join the global workforce. President Zedillo’s visit epitomizes that commitment and his insights demonstrate the international outlook Stamford strives to foster in its graduates.

President Zedillo is optimistic about the future and the possibilities for students across the world. “Despite some of the recent sentiments opposing globalization, when I look at the potential of today’s youth I feel optimistic and inspired that globalization will indeed survive as a phenomenon and bring about positive change in the world of tomorrow. As power changes hands from the older generation to the younger, it is up to youth to create the future. Education makes all the difference.”

It is through guests and speakers of President Zedillo’s stature, knowledge and experience that Stamford provides a truly international education to its students. The university continues to leverage its connections in its commitment to provide an education that not only gives students knowledge, but exposes them to global ideas in business, economics and world affairs. In doing so, they are equipped with learning which empowers them to become leaders in their own right. 

President Zedillo echoed Stamford’s spirit and its stress on the necessity of education. “Education is not only a vital part of personal growth and advancement, but also in the creation and enhancement of human capital for any country. Therefore, the younger generation who are privileged to live in the 21st century, need to keep educating themselves, keep dreaming big, and above all be optimistic.”