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Laureate’s Presidential Counselor Discusses Higher Education Challenges in Mexico

Dr. Ernesto Zedillo, former president of Mexico and presidential counselor of Laureate International Universities, Dr. Juan Ramon de la Fuente, president of the Aspen Institute Mexico and Dr. Luis de la Calle, undersecretary of economy during Zedillo’s tenure, met to discuss the higher education challenges of a new global economy.

Organized and hosted by Laureate Mexico, the event had more than 100 attendees, including top executives from Mexico’s government and private sector as well as directors of influential Mexican think tanks.

During the conversation, participants highlighted the need for universities to focus on developing competencies that will allow graduates to find employment in the labor market. Attendees also agreed that short, flexible higher education models will be more effective for young students in the future. 

Dr. Zedillo noted that one of the main characteristics of Laureate universities is that there is a true exchange of knowledge between them. He went on to describe the flexible models that allow the universities to adapt very quickly to the needs of the labor market. 

Following the conversation, participants had the opportunity to direct questions to the panelists. At the event’s conclusion, Dr. Zedillo received a collage noting one of his landmark achievements, the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union, along with a message from the entire student community of Universidad del Valle de México.