Laureate’s Global Positive Leadership Initiative: Fostering a Vital Organizational Climate to Achieve Extraordinary Performance

As Laureate enters a new stage of its growth and maturity, we will continue building upon our collective culture to innovate and, more importantly, to take collaboration to a new level. By doing so, we will be able to further deliver on our promise of being Here for Good.

As a company, our greatest asset is our people and our teams; it is this remarkable human talent that is one of our key differentiators. Our global Positive Leadership initiative seeks to foster an environment where our people can succeed and thrive to produce the best possible results for our students, faculty, and staff. It is a style of leadership that focuses on creating a connected organizational climate that engages us all in constructive and collaborative discussions to solve problems, elevates our energy, and strengthens our networks. Positive Leadership will help our organization reach its full potential to continue our mission of expanding quality higher education worldwide.

Starting February 1, the Laureate network will embark on a 90/90 challenge with the goal of exposing 90% of our network to the Positive Leadership values and framework in 90 days. For a sneak peek into what positive leadership is, see the video below.