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Laureate’s Award Winning Jobs Site

Recently, Laureate partnered with TMP Worldwide to design its careers website, and was awarded the 2015 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development. This is a significant accomplishment because it’s the first Laureate website of its kind.

The careers site is a reflection of how Laureate employees define what it means to be a part of the Laureate Movement.  Through a questionnaire that surveyed Laureate employees from around the world, key phrases, values, and messages associated with being a Laureate employee were identified. These themes are woven throughout the careers site. 

The Laureate Movement is defined by a unifying purpose to be a force for change that inspires and encourages action around the world.   Our dream is to be universally admired as the catalyst for bringing life-changing, quality higher education to all. 

Laureate is committed to ensuring that we attract the best employees who understand that education has the power to change lives around the world.   

Want to join the Laureate Movement?  Check out the award winning careers site.