Laureate Talks: Giving Voice to Laureate’s Here For Good Spirit in Brazil

Last November, Laureate Brazil hosted an exclusive TED Talks-style event in São Paulo – the first of its kind across our network. With an innovative setup built around 15-minute storytelling, “Laureate Talks” brought together faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents and members of the Laureate community to hear authentic stories about the impact of education and how it transforms lives, exemplifying the “Here for Good” mission. Hundreds attended in person in the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi (UAM) auditorium along with thousands more via live streaming, creating a unique experience for network members to connect with the company’s culture and purpose, and each other.

The main goal of Laureate Talks was to enhance the engagement and commitment of staff and faculty by showcasing real-life stories and examples of the Here for Good spirit in action. Attendees had the opportunity to hear inspiring stories from people transformed by the power of teaching and learning, and interact through a series of activities including dance, music, physiotherapy, and gastronomy facilitated by UAM and FMU student volunteers.

The initiative was conceived by Laureate Brazil’s CEO, José Roberto (JR) Marmo Loureiro, in partnership with the Communications and HR departments, to bring forth examples of hope and achievement that would energize and empower more people around our purpose – especially important in the face of the country’s challenging political and economic environment. The event was a massive success, capturing many incredible stories of the social impact that Laureate students, staff and faculty are having in communities around the world.

A highlight of the event was the celebration of the 2018 Here for Good Awards winners and finalists from Brazil. In an emotional moment, Professors Mário Vicente Guimarães and Elaine Peixoto, who won the award in the Faculty/Staff category for their project Médicos de Rua, joined JR Loureiro onstage to receive the award moments after their video story played to the audience.