Laureate Recognizes a Select Group of Health Leaders as “Laureate Health Sciences Specialists” - Laureate

Laureate Recognizes a Select Group of Health Leaders as “Laureate Health Sciences Specialists”

On January 2019, Laureate International Universities recognized eight professionals throughout its global network to join a select group of “Laureate Health Sciences Specialists”. Laureate also renewed this designation to 7 of the 2017 nominees that continue its contributions to the Network since their first nomination. The entire group of Health Sciences Specialists is currently composed of 24 global health leaders.

This honor recognizes significant contributions in international projects in the area of Health Sciences within the Laureate network. Exchanging best practices among Laureate institutions, providing international assistance and support to academic projects, and sharing knowledge and helping to raise the quality of Laureate’s academic offerings, are essential components of success and valued elements of belonging to a global network. Laureate, as a leader in Health Sciences education in many countries, values the contributions of these talented professionals.

“We are very proud of the contributions that these global health leaders bring to our institutions, their willingness to share, help, and innovate in health sciences education on a global scale brings differentiation to our schools and help us in our mission to graduate a large number of health professionals of exceptional quality,”  said Dr. Francisco Gutierrez, Senior Vice President of Medicine and Health Sciences for Laureate Education.

The Health Sciences Specialists nominated for 2019-2020 are below.

​Dr. Claudia Mory Arciniega
UniversidadPeruana de Ciencias Aplicadas

​Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez Sierra Universidad Peruana deCiencias Aplicadas

​Dr. Neimar Vanderlei Rocati
UniversidadeAnhembi Morumbi

Dr. Marcos Paulo Freire
Universidade Anhembi Morumbi

Dr. Melyssa Lima de Medeiros
Universidade Potiguar

Dr. Paola Bernal
Laureate International Universities

​Dr. Vinicius Canato Santana
Laureate Health Sciences Brazil

​Dr. Patrícia Graef Vaz
Laureate Health Sciences Brazil

​Dr. Ana Paula Quilici
Universidade Anhembi Morumbi

​Dr. Elena Gazapo Carretero
Universidad Europea​ de Madrid

Dr. Jessy Escobar

Dr. Manoela Malta
Laureate International Universities Health Sciences

​Dr. Simone Sato
Laureate Health Sciences Brazil
Andrea Lindell 
Walden University
Julia Ortiz
Universidad del Valle Mexico