Laureate, Moto and AT&T Mexico invest in Mexican innovation - Laureate

Laureate, Moto and AT&T Mexico invest in Mexican innovation

Earlier this year, Moto, AT&T Mexico, and Laureate launched a hardware development competition to challenge students from Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) and Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC México) to redefine what a smartphone can truly do. The arrival of the Moto Z family and Moto Mods to the country has opened a world of potential innovation and so far, the proposals have been truly impressive. 

From a touch thermometer that keeps a record of readings, to a portable printer, and a video game control that improves mobile gaming experience, the possibilities are endless. Several teams from UVM and UNITEC are already competing in the global Moto Mods development program with students from around the world. 

Some of the outstanding projects in the Health category include an oximeter that uses a fingerprint scanner to identify oxygen saturation based on the type of patient as well as track the oxygen readings over time. In case of a decrease in oxygen, the app notifies the user´s primary medical contact.  

FirstAid, is the name of the project for a health and fitness medical kit. The device includes a glucometer, sphygmomanometer, and digital thermometer, and comes with an app to keep a record of the readings obtained by the different medical instruments. This was one of the projects registered on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, moving on to the second phase of the global challenge.

In the Multimedia category, projects included a proposal called Rock Out! which aims to provide greater functionality to sound amplifiers by adding recording, equalizing, and file export capabilities, as well as a recorded audio sharing feature. Rock Out! also has its own campaign on Indiegogo.

The TwinBrothers project seeks to enhance smartphone durability by providing additional protection and battery life within a mod. Another team from UNITEC designed a portable printer that reproduces any type of image in a device’s gallery. This project also moved on to the second phase and is registered on Indiegogo.

The DK Station is a module that will allow the use of a smartphone as a computer or drawing tablet allowing the creation of different documents from wherever you are. Another team of UVM students presented a proposal for the development of a Moto Mod to record audio notes, phone calls, video calls, and videos in 3D format in hopes of providing a more immersive experience.

Following the launch of the Moto Mods developer program, students from both institutions have already registered their projects on the Moto Mods page to continue advancing in the competition.