Laureate Education, Inc. Announces Collaboration with IBM to Offer a Fully Digital Curriculum Focused on Data Science - Laureate

Laureate Education, Inc. Announces Collaboration with IBM to Offer a Fully Digital Curriculum Focused on Data Science

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – January 30, 2018 – Laureate Education, Inc. (NASDAQ: LAUR), the world’s largest network of higher education institutions, announced today an innovative new collaboration with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to design a state-of-the-art data science curriculum that would be available for its more than one million students at its nearly 70 institutions globally.

This new, jointly developed curriculum will be exclusively offered to students attending Laureate institutions, and will equip students with specific skills to prepare them for jobs including business analysts, data scientists, project managers, and software engineers. With availability in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, the new curriculum will reach Laureate students globally, preparing them with the skills and experiences needed for jobs of the future.

To maximize student engagement in the learning process, the curriculum will teach students about contemporary advances in emerging fields and expose students to innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Also included in the curriculum, which will launch at Laureate this August, are virtual lab-based, experiential learning experiences, and real-world, international applications to connect abstract concepts with concrete examples.

Laureate makes it a priority to improve students’ employability in the global economy. With growing market demand for candidates with data science competencies and skills, the state-of-the-art offering aims to prepare Laureate students for careers that rely on data science and business analytics.

“We are in an age where technology continues to play an increasingly important role in society, so at Laureate, it is our priority to ensure that our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills that allow them to successfully compete in the global workforce,” said Eilif Serck-Hanssen, Chief Executive Officer of Laureate. “Our collaboration with IBM reinforces our commitment to providing accessible quality higher education that leads to attractive employment opportunities for our students around the world.”

“Building the practical skills to succeed in the AI era is one of the biggest challenges facing individuals and companies around the world,” said Leon Katsnelson, Director and CTO, Strategic Partnerships & Data Science Ecosystem, IBM. “We are collaborating with Laureate to equip students with the tools and technology curriculum they need to become data scientists and help advance AI-powered business solutions and technologies.”